Raymond Coert

Raymond Coert [1888 – 1964]

Raymond Coert (“Opa Moen”) was the youngest child of Charles A. Coert and Maria Lapré. He was born in Soerabaja on March 3rd 1888. He was a Railway transport controller (of the State). In Malang, on the 7th of April 1915, he married Helena Elisabeth van Dillewijn (“Oma Leen”).

She was born in Kota Radja (Atjeh) on the 25th of August 1888. She was the daughter of Jan van Dillewijn (born in Naarden; he went to Indonesia as a soldier “genie”) and Harbert Joanna Hooper (born in Ambarawa NI; negress). They had three childeren. Herbert F., Richard E. and Christiaan J. Coert. Christiaan J. was born in Malang on the 22nd of May 1924. Christiaan J. died, on the early age of 32, in Leiden on the 13th of July 1956.

Oma Leen died on the 7th of March 1981 (age 92) in The Netherlands. Raymond Coert died in Amsterdam (The Netherlands) on the 29th of September 1964. Raymond and Helena Elisabeth lived in their youth in an orphanage. Harbert Joanna Hooper lived for a while in the house of Raymond and Helena Elisabeth.