Karel Nicolaas Coert (1896)

Karel Nicolaas Coert [1896 – 1931]

Karel Nicolaas Coert was born Soerabaja 6th January 1896. In 1924 he was an “Employé sugar factory Pohdjeder” in Modjokerto. He died in 1931. He married 17th May 1920 in Soerabaja the “inlandse Christen-vrouw” Anny Kramer (born 1900; died 1982). They had four children Henry Edwin, Arthur W., Robert W. (born 10th June 1922 in Modjokerto; died February 1942 in Amboina) and Maximilliaan N.

Henry Edwin Coert was born in Djombang 15th May 1921 and died Sittard 20th October 1959. He married in Surabaja 7th November 1950 Jeane Irene Geraldine Krul (born Soerakarta 26th December 1922; died 21st May 2007). They had four children. James “Jimmy” Charles George (born Surabaja 17th May 1951; married Maria Josephina (Marjo) Dols; they have three children), Peggy Joyce (born Surabaja 13th April 1953), Nelly Marlinne (born Valkenburg 12th March 1955) and Ingrid Johanna Maria (born Valkenburg 1st March 1956; died Heerlen 19th March 1956).

Arthur Wijnand Coert was born 19th May 1922 in Modjokerto and married Pieternella (Nel) Veldhuijzen (born 1928; died 11th August 2004). He died on the 21th September 2013. They had one daughter Alexandra (Sandra) R (born 17th August 1961 in Rijen). She married Piet A.J.M. Kock (born 7th January 1958).

Maximilliaan N. Coert was born in 1926 and died in 1980. Married Marie Viot (born 1926; died 27th January 2005; she lived in Sittard). They had three children Stella Ingrid (born 1953), Jane Astrid (born 1955) and Johnny William (1959; divorced 2001).