Johan Christiaan Willem Coert

Johan Christiaan Willem Coert [1875 – 1920]

He was born on the 15th of November 1875 in Besoeki and died in Soekaboemi on the 14th of December 1920. In 1903 he worked for the Nanggoeng concern in Buitenzorg. He married on the 16th of August 1904 in Soekaboemi, Maria Antonia de Serière. She was born in Indramajoe (Cheribon) on the 10th of January 1886. It is unknown when she died. She was the daughter of Gerard Pierre Leonard de Serière [born 31st of March 1831 in Sindangkasi, Krawang, Java and died in Djatiwangi, Cheribon, Java 16th February 1908]. They had three children: Marie Gerardine Wilhelmina (born in Buitenzorg on the 27th of May 1905), Hermine Margaretha (born in the Djatiwangi Sugar-refinery in Cheribon on the 29th of September 1906) and Jules Christaan Willem. Julie Elisabeth is from a different father James Wilhelm Carl Horst (born Amsterdam 15th February 1876; died 25th December 1930 in Rotterdam; cause of death Jaundice / geelzucht).