Hilda Suzanna Sasse

Hilda Suzanna Sasse was born on the 8th of November 1917 in Lumajang (Indonesia) died in Amsterdam on the 10th of July in 1972.

She was the daughter of Lucien Alexander Sasse (born 23rd December 1892 and died young by poisoning in Bedadoeng 1st February 1929) and Johanna (Oma Jo) Frederika Queysen (born 3rd October 1892). The parents of Hilda Suzanna Sasse married on the 24th December 1910 in Bangil.

Lucien Alexander Sasse had a sugar factory in Jatiroto. Grandma Jo had real estate and financed a private hospital and orphanage. Grandma Hilly, at 20 years old, had a villa with the word “Hilda” in the facade. People were allowed in the House of Hilly but never paid.

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Lucien Alexander Sasse 1892-1929

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