Henry Edwin Coert

Henry Edwin Coert [1841 – 1906]

Henry Edwin Coert was born in Soerabaja on the 15th of June 1841. He was machinist at the Marine establishment in Soerabaja. He died on the 4th of October 1906 in Soerabaja. In Soerabaja on the 23rd of March 1878 he first married to Martha Louise Henriette van Sprew. She died in Soerabaja on the 8th of July 1887. Then he married to Magdalena Martinah on the 14th of February 1894 in Soerabaja. She died in the same place on the 2nd of December 1905. She was a “inlandse Christenvrouw.

From the first marriage Henry Edwin had three children. Emma Margaretha (born in Soerabaja on the 6th of June in 1882; died after 1911; married in Soerabaja on the 1st of October 1904 Edoardo Horatio de la Fosse), William Robert (born in Soerabaja on the 18th of February 1879; died overthere on the 26th of January 1899) and Suzanna Henriette (born on the 10th of October 1880; died after 1911; married to Pieter W Meijer in Soerabaja on the 10th of July 1903).

From the second marriage he had seven childeren. Johanna Wilhelmina (born in Soerabaja on the 5th of June 1902), Melanie Therese (born in Soerabaja on the 14th of April 1900; died in Soerabaja 8th of August 1919), Victor Oscar, Karel Nicolaas, Rosalie Martina (born in Soerabaja on the 12th of September 1893; died in Soerabaja 3rd of March 1915), Louis Stanislas (born in Soerabaja on the 25th of October 1891; died in Soerabaja 20th of November 1898) and Willem Jan (born in Soerabaja on the 15th of January 1881; died in The Hague on the 3rd of June 1965; he worked at the “Staats Spoorwegen”; married in Soerabaja on the 28th of May 1914 Nelly Elvire Hobeyn; she was born in Soerabaja on the 23rd of December 1893 and died in The Hague on the 10th of January 1968).