Charles Arthur Coert

Charles Arthur Coert [1845 – 1918]

In 1845, 15th of February, Charles Arthur Coert was born in Samarang. He died in Blitar on the 10th of December 1918. He was an Adminstrator of the Sonogoenting concern. On May the 27th 1876 he married Maria Lapré in Soerabaja (more information ). She was born in Soerabaja on the 19th of November 1846 and died in Blitar on the 21st of April 1907. They had five children: Cornelis F., Jan F., Raymond, Dorien and Suzana F. Charles Arthur Coert married a second time. In Blitar on the 21st of September 1908 he married Adriana Carolina van Thiel. She died on the 10th of November 1918.