Willem Coert

Willem Coert [1854 – 1890]

He was born in Hendrik Ido Ambacht on the 6th of September 1854 and died in Bloemendaal 6th November 1890. He became a Medicinael Doctor on the 30th of November 1882 (in Leiden) and worked in the Institution of Heerenberg as a Doctor. He married Antonia Frederika Hendrika van Persijn on the 3rd of December 1885 in Bloemendaal. She was born in 1854 and died 20th June 1944 in Velp.

They had one child Johan Hendrik, born in Bloemendaal 26th of June and died 26th October 1945 in Blandoeng. On the University of Zurich he graduated in 1914 as a Philosophia Naturalis Doctor. Later on he moved to Kediri where he became a Group Consultant of the “Suikerproefstation in Pasoeroean”. He married 7th May 1917 Geertruida Maria Walters (born 16th May 1887 Amsterdam).

They had one daughter called Antoinette, born 26th September 1918 in Kediri. She married Pieter Frans Cornelis van Geer (born 5th July 1915 Amsterdam). Two children of the marriage Geertruida Maria (born in Soerabaja 19th of January 1950) and Francois Cornelis (born Naarden 24th November 1952).