Otto Coert

Otto Coert [1851 – ????]

He was born in Hendrik Ido Ambacht on the 23rd of April 1851. In 1872 he moved to the USA and became American citizen in 1877. He married in Chicago on the 24th of June 1874 Marretje (Mary) Bremer (born in Nieuwe Diep on the 10th of April 1854 and died in Chicago (Cook) on the 12th of September 1908. She was the daughter of Jacob Bremer and Trijntje Koning. also has listed a New York, Passenger Lists, 1820-1957 for Otto Coert. The family story goes Otto took John Henry Coert to Holland to see the family and meet the “Queen” and played with her this would have been Wilhelmina if I’m not mistaken as the heir apparent.

Otto and Marretje had three children. Johan Hendrik (John Henry), Trijntje and Margaretha Johanna. Trijntje was born in Town of Lisle on the 28th of September 1876 and married on the 11th October 1898 in Chicago with Melchior Hook. She died in Chicago in February 1928. Margaretha Johanna was born in Morgan Park Cook on the 6th March 1879 and married Charles Watson in Chicago on the 18th of August 1909.

Johan Hendrik (John Henry) was born in Wheaton on the 21st of June 1875 and married on the 17th of June in Chicago with Edith Blanche Osborne. He died on the 25th April 1941 in Cicero. Edith was born in Chicago on the 1st September 1880 (or 1881), and was the daughter of Henry Osborne and Medora D Wiggins. She died 26th of June 1963. They had four children. Grace Marion, Willard John, Lilian Mabel and June Edith.

Grace Marion was born on the 23rd May 1904 in Chicago and died 19th March 1999 in Austin. Willard John was born on the 22nd March 1906 in Chicago and died 15th October 1994 in Champaign. He has a son called Larry. He lives in Winconsin. Lilian Mabel was born on the 18th September 1910 in Illinois and died on the 30th October 1998 in Downers Grove.

June Edith was born on the 17th January 1918 in Chicago and died on the 20th August 2004 in Mountlake Terrace. She married Raymond Sylvester Piekarski. They have a son John R Piekarski.

June Coert Piekarski wrote “Otto Coert came to the US because his family wanted him to marry his cousin. He met Mary (Marretje Bremer) in the US. He finished college, spoke 5 languages, was a surveyor, had a farm in Wheaton Il. whereJohn Henry was born. It took 2 days to get produce to Chicago.” Other than the reason he immigrated, all of this information is supported by census records.