Johan Hendrik Coert

Johan Hendrik Coert [1812 – 1891]

He was born in Hendrik Ido Ambacht on the 26th of April 1812, and died in Dordrecht 15th March 1891. He was a Doctor and Obstetrician, married Marrigje Smit (born 15th June 1815 in Alblasserdam; died in Dordrecht 18th February 1899) on the 12th May 1838 in Nieuw Lekkerland. They had 9 children. One of them, Henricus, married Alberdina Hermina Kiel (born in 1838 in Leiden). She died in Epe 27th February 1919 (Source: Gelders Archief ; 38). Jan (born 9th November 1847 in Hendrik Ido Ambacht; died 13th December 1917 in The Hague; he was the first in line who worked on the “Geschiedenis van de Familie Coert”) married Maria Elisabeth Lels (born 21th August 1852; died 10 March 1938 in The Hague) in Alblasserdam on the 16th of April 1873. Antoinetta Nelina married the 21st of June 1866 Floris Kloos. They had 4 children. Margaretha Johanna Coert was born in Hendrik Ido Ambacht in 1857 and married Hendrik Plaisier (born Hendrik Ido Ambacht 24th of January 1854) in Hendrik Ido Ambacht on the 4th of October 1883. They had 3 children: Hendrikje Margaretha (born 9th January 1885 in H.I.A.), Margaretha Johanna (born 27th February 1888 in H.I.A.) and Margaretha Johanna (born 14th November 1892 in H.I.A.).