Jacob Hendrik Coert

Jacob Hendrik Coert [1794 – 1843]

Jacob Hendrik Coert was born on the 27th of May 1794 in Pijnacker and died on the 7th October 1843. He was a Conductor. He married on the 8th of December 1819 in Arnhem to Derkje Notebos (born in 1792). They had 10 children. Jan Hendrik (born in Arnhem 5th October 1820), Petronella (born in Arnhem 31st May 1822), Helena Sibilla (born in Arnhem 24th November 1823; died in Zwolle in 1845), Johanna, Nicolaas (born in Arnhem 29th September 1827; died in Zwolle 14th July 1845), Gijsbertus, Jacob Hendrik (born in Arnhem 29th July 1831; died in Arnhem 25th January 1833; Source: Arnhem ; certificate 27), Elisabeth (born in Arnhem 12th July 1833; died in Zwolle in 1854), Hendrica and Derkje.