Hendrik Jan Coert [1894]

Hendrik Jan Coert [1894 – 1945]

Hendrik Jan was born on the 6th of November 1894 in Soerabaja and died on the 27th of June 1945 in Soerabaja. He was Clerk of the works (and ways) and married Adolphine Theodorine Helena “Moeke” Breton van Groll (born 18th of June 1895 in Solo). “Moeke” lived in The Hague and passed away in the 1980’s. They had 5 children: Clementine “Thea” Jacqueline (born Malang 2nd May 1919; moved to Australia in the 1950’s); Ariens Clifford; Arthur Bernard “Toel” (born Soerabaja 21st November 1922); Edmond Theodorus (born Djombang 22nd July 1924) and Jenny Maud (born Djombang 21st February 1926). Jenny lives in Holland. Her husband Jan Elants passed away.