Frederik Coert

Frederik Coert [1799 – ????]

Frederik Coert was born on the 24th of January 1799 in Pijnacker. He married on the 23rd of March 1820 in Zevenhuizen to Bastiaantje Hoogerbrugge. She was born in Waddinxveen and died in Zevenhuizen on the 6th of January 1845. She was the daughter of Arie Hoogerbrugge and Catrina Dompeling. They had 11 children!!! Hendrica was born in Zevenhuizen on the 28th of July 1833 and died in Waddinxveen 22nd of April 1871. She married on the 29th of May 1862 Adrianus den Boer (born in Broek in 1826). They had 4 children (Neeltje, born in Broek on the 3rd of February 1867, Izaak, born on the 8th of July 1865 and died in Waddinxveen 4th of August 1872, Nicolaas, born 20th of January 1863 and died in Waddinxveen 19th of April 1871, and Adrianus born in Broek 13th of May 1864 and died 14th of April 1903 in Waddinxveen. The third Pieter was born in Zevenhuizen on the 13th of July 1841 and died 30th of January 1842. Frederik and Bastiaantje had 3 times tried to have a child with the name Pieter, but 3 times the child died on an early age. Frederik Coert married then to Aartje Westhoek in Zevenhuizen on the 12th of December 1845. She was born in Bleiswijk in 1812 and died in Zevenhuizen on the 17th of May 1846. She was the widow of Jan Noteboom. Frederik and Aartje had one child with the name Teunis. He was born in Zevenhuizen on the 17th of April 1846 and died a couple of days later on the 23rd of April 1846.