Fredrik Charles Coert

Fredrik Charles Coert [1913 – 1980]

Fredrik Charles Coert was born on the 28th of November 1913 and died on the 7th of March 1980.
Irma Marinussen was born on the 17th of August 1916 and died on the 6th of August 2005.
It is possible that Frederik Charles Coert, after Irma, also married to Arma Elisabeth Marinussen (born on the 7th of June 1917 and died 29th of October 2001 in Amersfoort).
Aloysius Joannes Coert’s nickname is “John”.
Sabine Silvana Coert was born on the 4th of April 1980 and Valerie Coert was born on the 13th of August 1981.