Family History

Arround 1700 the Coert Family name must have been started. In that year Johan Cords in Levings Leibzucht was born in Westcappeln (Western Germany). The name Coert must have been distracted from Conrad or Conradus. He was born in 1700 in Westcappeln (Germany). It is not known when he died and to whom he was married to in 1726. He had three children. Stephan Heinrich, Jacob Heinrich and Johann Heinrich. It is possible that he had some different extensions. ‘Cordt der Becke’ or ‘Cordts in Levings Leibzucht’. He could have been married to the daughter of ‘Leving’. He was a farmer and it is possible that the name of the farm was ‘Auf der Becke’. The name ‘Coert’ with the current spelling/orthography occurred when the two sons Stephan Heinrich and Jacob Heinrich emigrated to Rotterdam (Holland) and inscribed/registered themselves as Coert.

In 1737 Johannes (Jan) Coert was born in Schötmar (Germany). On the 2nd of February 1756 he went to Indonesia as a Soldier. In 1781 he became Luietenant. Between 1788 and 1789 he was Commander of Bancallang and Captain/Commander of Pasoeroean.