Last update: 06-05-2019

  • Aloysius Joannes Coert (John) sent us some corrections about the Fredrik Charles Coert [1913-1980] tree.

Last update: 22-07-2018

  • Bart and Suzanne Kock sent us information about their grandfather Arthur Wijnand Coert [1922-2013].
  • Susan Piekarski Jorgensen sent us interesting information about Otto Coert [1851-????].

Last update: 28-07-2017

  • Ray Coert sent us information about Herbert Floris Coert and Hilda Suzanna Sasse, and her parents.

Last update: 05-07-2017

  • Coat of arms of the Dutch – Indonesian and German – Dutch added;
  • Only some South African and one German Family Tree has to be added to finish the transition to the new website;

Last update: 08-03-2017

  • The new website is now on-line and created in WordPress.

Last update: 14-07-2016

  • In June 2016 we had a very pleasant and interesting meeting with Lex Coert and his mother. We received a lot of information about the “Pijnakker / Ridderkerk” Tree.


[Last update: 21.05.2009]

  • On the website we found more details about the tree Johannes A Court 1729 – 1779.
  • Also a subtree has been added with more information about Johannes Coert 1796 – 1880.
  • A lot of information has been added to the Jacob Coert 1610 tree.
  • It is possible that his father was Jan Coert (born around 1570) and his grandfather Clays Coert (born around 1550).
  • The Petrus Franciscus Coert tree [1880-1956] has been updated with new data.
  • From Holland we received information from Koos Coert about the “Hendrik Coert 1825-1867 tree”. His grandfather was the son of Petrus Franciscus Coert (1853-????) from the “Leidse tree”.
  • The name of the father of Koos is Jacobus Frederik Gerard Coert (born 01-01-1936).
  • Also a subtree added with more detailed information about Jacobus F.G. Coert 1887-1963.
  • More information was added on the Frederik Coert 1799 tree.
  • The “No Match” page has been updated.

[Last update: 05.05.2009]

  • After more than two years finally an update of the Coert family history website. Our apologizes for that.
  • We had some nice and interesting reactions about the website from all over the world. Many thanks to all of you !
  • Nicole Wilson from Australia. She is the daughter of Johannes Pieter Coert (1933-2004). We need more information to find a connection.
  • Babette Coert from Holland gave us information about the “Leidse tree”. She is the daughter of Andries Coert (born 1945).
  • We received information from Toni Bissolati about Dyna/Dina Coert from the “Charls Coert 1881-1957 tree”.
  • Carolyn Vaessen (Holland) sent us information about the “Karel N. Coert 1896-1931 tree”.
  • Thanks to Mildred “Millie” Goes we received a lot of information about the South African “Ephraim Coert tree”.
  • Also from South Africa Chelaine Coert sent us an update about a different tree “Theodor Coert”.
  • Different trees were updated based on the details we received from Genlias (Bob Coret).
  • Erik Lapre and his father Frederik “Fred” Karel Lapre contacted us about Maria Lapre (Charles Arthur Coert 1845-1918 tree).
  • Jan de Bruijn (Hollan) sent us additional information about the Karel N. Coert tree (1896-1931).
  • Randall Coert (South Africa) added some details about the Theodor Coert tree.


[Last update: 14.02.2007]

  • A new Dutch tree called the “Ouddorp tree” has been added. See for more information Jacob Coert (1610 – ????).
  • New information (many thanks to Mildred Fortuin) has been added to the South African trees of Renatus Coert and Ephriam Coert.
  • Paul Lambers gave us information about C.W.G. Coert (1875 – 1920).
  • Thanks to Herbert F. Coert and Karel H. Goudswaard new information has been added to the Charles A. Coert (1845 – 1918)
  • A picture of Guido Coert (born 1914) has been added in the Photos section.
  • From Sarah Gantzert (Elisabeth Coert) we received information and a photo of Johannes Coert (1829 – 1882).
  • Jaap Plaisier sent us information about the “Ridderkerk” tree and also a photo of the Bakery of C. Coert in Ridderkerk (1900).
  • We received information about the Hendrik Jan Coert (1842 – 1901) tree from Arthur Coert (lives in Australia).
  • News information has been added to the Mattheus H. Coert (1804 – 1889)
  • In the Indonesia section we added an interesting article about three “Indo” generations. The writer of this document is Jan Krancher.
  • Thanks to Sabine Silvana Coert a new small “Indonesian” tree has been added under Frederik Charles Coert (± 1930 – ….).
  • We received information from Torsten Ostriga about the German Tree of Dietrich Heinrich Coert (± 1800 – ….).


[Last update: 20.09.2006]

  • From Glenn Edwin Coert we received more information about the Karel N. Coert – Indonesian tree [1896 – 1931].
  • Diederick Kortlang (Indonesia) supplied us with information about the Johannes (Jan) Coert – Indonesian tree [1737 – 1801].
  • Out of South Africa we received more information from Shaun Coert about the Charls Coert – South Africa tree [1881 – 1957].
  • From the USA Annie Reeder-Brevoord added information about the Johann Heinrich Coert (Jan Hendrik) [1761 – 1801] and Jacob Hendrik Coert [1794 – 1843] – Indonesian tree.
  • From Lily Maureen Coert we received more information about the Wijnand Johannes Coert [1847-1904] tree.
  • New information added in the South African Tree of Ephraim Coert. A separate page [Renatus Coert 1792 – ????] has been added with information about his parents, brothers and sisters.
  • A new page has been added to the site called “No Match” (Confirmation button), where you can find several Coert’s we can’t match to any of the Trees. We hope you can help.
  • The first USA-Tree has been added [Barent Coert 16.. – ….]. We now know that this tree started somewhere in 1600.
  • Hade Mugie gave us at lot of information about the Johann Heinrich tree [1761-1801].
  • Information has been added to the tree of Johan Hendrik Coert [1812-1891].
  • We have at least two persons in the Family history who are playing in a band. Merijn Coert is member of a instrumental-surf-rockbank. For more information or www.myspace/biarritzboys. Eric van Drunen Little is very happy with his first solo cd. Please check


[Last update: 06.01.2006]

  • From Finland we received information from Kevin Coert from the Wijnand J. Coert – Indonesian tree.
  • From Roel Coert we received more information about the Gerrit Coert – German/Dutch tree.
  • Lee-Ann contacted us. She is the daughter of Randall Coert from the Dawid A. Coert – South African tree.
  • Thanks to Mildred Fortuin we received more detailed information about the Ephriam Coert – South African tree.
  • Again from Piet Kock (many thanks) we received more information about the Karel Nicolaas Coert – Indonesian tree.
  • From the websites “Geneanet” and “Genlias Monitor” we regularly receive information about Family websites with Coert information. Last time we received information about:
  • Hendrik Coert [1825 – 1867] from the “Leidse tree” (Dutch).
  • Jacoba Coert [± 1770 – 1803] from the “Johann Cords – German/Dutch tree”.
  • Gijsbertus Coert [1796 – 1842] from the “Johann Heinrich Coert – German/Dutch tree”.
  • Jacob Hendrik [1831 – 1833] form the “Jacob Hendrik Coert – German/Dutch tree”.
  • Karel Coert [± 1886 – ????] form the “Wijnand Johannes Coert – Indonesian tree”.
  • Johannes (Jan) Coert [1737 – 1801] from the “Indonesian tree”.
  • Cornelia Helena Coert [1859 – ????] from the “Johan Hendrik Coert – German/Dutch tree”.
  • Henricus Coert [1839 – 1926] from the “Johan Hendrik Coert – German/Dutch tree”.
  • Jannigje Coert [1852 – 1907] from the “Hendrik Willem Coert – German/Dutch tree”.
  • Adrianus Jacobus [1899 – ????] from the “Jacobus Coert – German/Dutch tree”.
    • We are working on an index so that you can take a look at an alphabetic list of all Coert Family members on this site.
    • Last year we visited the Archives of NGV in Holland. We will soon publish the information we found (for example: a new German tree and a new Dutch tree in Zeeland).
    • This year we hope to update the site more often.


[Last update: 16.02.2005]

  • From Piet Kock (thanks) we received information about the Karel N. Coert Indonesian tree [1896 – 1931]. Also added detailed information.
  • On the Internet we found the website of Jeroen Coert [born 1971] of the “Leidse” tree (Dutch). We used his information on this side (many thanks Jeroen). The tree of Petrus Franciscus Coert [1880 – 1956] has been updated and three new trees has been added:
  • Johannes Andreass Court [1729 – 1779]
  • Hendrik Coert [1825 – 1867]
  • Jacobus Coert [1923 – 2003]
    • Herbert F. Coert [born 1917] helped us with detailed information about the Indonesian tree.
    • Thanks to Shaun Coert we added more information about the tree Charls Coert (South Africa).
    • From Australia we received information from Nicholas Coert about the Petrus Franciscus Coert tree (thanks).
    • From the website “Genlias Monitor” we regularly receive information out of the official Archives in The Netherlands. Last time we received information about Mattheus Hendricus Coert from the “Utrechtse tree (Dutch)
    • We added detailed information about the trees:
  • Henry E. Coert [1841 – 1906]
  • Jacob Hendrik Coert [1794]
  • Johan Hendrik Coert [1812 – 1891]
  • Hendrik Willem Coert [1818 – 1907]
  • Johannes Coert [1829 – 1882]
    • The following photos are added:
  • Raymond Coert [1888 – 1964] on a Picknick in Popoh
  • Johannes Coert [1909 – 1943] as a serving Officer in the French foreign legion


[Last update: 18.08.2004]

  • Titia H.C. Coert (thanks) supplied us with information about the Johannes Coert [1829 – 1882] The information is available on this site.
  • From Australia we received from Tanya Coert (many thanks) a start of a new tree. Her grandfather Clifford Coert is from the Indonesian tree.
  • The maternal grandfather of Mildred Fortuin (South Africa) was Reginald Coert. Her great-grandfather was Ephriam Coert. We hope that someone can help her and us to supply more information about that tree.
  • In the section Photos we added:
  • Picture of the Coat of Arms (Familiewapen) of the Coert Family.
  • Photo of Raymond Coert [1888-1964] and H.E. van Dillewijn.
    • Eric van Drunen Littel sent us a link to the website where you can find information about his family and Johanna Maria Coert [1897 – 1984].
    • On you can find the “Oorlogsgravenstichting”. If you search for Coert you will find 10 Coert’s. We now trying to link these names to the trees on this site.
    • Information about “Nederlanders in het Vreemdelingenlegioen 1831-1962” you can find on .


[Last update: 17.04.2004]

  • Casper Coert contacted us and supplied us more detailed information about Peter (Petrus) Franciscus Coert (born in 1950).
  • From Eric van Drunen Littel we received pictures of Aleida Volten [1875 – 1948] and Johanna Maria Coert [1897 – 1984].
  • Tracey E. Coert sent us a photo with her family.
  • All these photos are now available on the website (section Photos).
  • Jason A. Dixon wrote the story “Opa: Dutch For Hero” about this grandfather Richard Eduard Coert [1922 – 2003]. You can find the story in that section.
  • Willem Hendrik Coert (born in 1951) lives in Norway (Oslo) and informed us that he has the original “typewriter” version, including Photos of “History of Coert Family” by Mr W.H. Coert [1896 – 1987].
  • We received some positive reactions about the idea to organise a Coert Family Day in Holland (The Netherlands).
  • At this stage we can tell you that we still investigating the possibillities.
  • If you like to help us, please let us know.
  • For example: do you know a band?; catering?; building/room?; who can make photos or film?


[Last update: 02.01.2004]

  • We wish you all a happy 2004 !!!. We also like to thank everybody who helped us in 2003 with this site.
  • Danny Coert came with the idea to organise a Coert Family Day in Holland (The Netherlands). We are going to investigate the possibilities and hope to find people who like to help us.
  • Wilhelmina Lambers (New Sealand) informed us that Julie Elisabeth Coert, born in 1917, officially recorded as the daughter of Johan Christiaan Willem Coert [1875 – 1920], is from a different father. His name is James Wilhelm Carl Horst. He was the “great uncle” of Wilhelmina Lambers (the brother of her grandmother on mother’s site).
  • Elizabeth Coert (USA) informed us that Jasmin Souza married Curry Maddox and that they have a daughter Riley (born in January 2003). More details on the Richard Eduard Coert [1922-2003] Tree.
  • Eric van Drunen Littel sent us more information about the Johan J. Coert [1870 – 1922] Tree.
  • Glenn E. Coert contacted us. He is from the Karel N. Coert [1896 – 1931] Tree. He told us that he will supply us with more information about his Tree.
  • Frans Janssen informed us that it is possible that Johannes Coert [1909 – 1943] was killed during of after a big German attack in Tunesia.
  • On the website you can find information about the Coert Family. This is not for free. (Martin Keulen thanks for the info).
  • The page after pressing the button “Queries” has been changed. On that page you can only find links of Genealogy websites.
  • We contacted Jerry Coert ( He is from the Indonesian Tree. His parents are living in Gorinchem.


[Last update: 24.10.2003]

  • Deeply sorrowful we inform you that on the 17th of October Richard Eduard Coert [1922 – 2003] died near Los Angeles (USA). It is possible to sign the Guest Book on this website.
  • Herbert F. Coert informed us that he went to the grave of Johannes Coert [1738 – 1801] in Pasuruan (Indonesia).
  • Eric van Drunen Littel (thanks) supplied us with information about his grandmother Johanna Maria Coert [1897 – 1984]. You can find this information at Johan J. Coert [1870-1922] . Soon he will supply us with pictures of Johanna Maria Coert.
  • At the homepage you will find a link to the persons who helped us with this website. With that information (for example: email addresses) Eric van Drunen Littel found the email address of Willem H. Coert and contacted him. They are very glad that this site helped them to make the first contact.
  • People in The Netherlands can try to find school mades or army mades with the websites en .
  • Lance Coert (USA) informed us that he has a Family Tree of his family. We asked him to supply us with that information. His grandfather is Wynand Albert Coert [born 1906].
  • Frans Janssen is an historian and investigate the history of the French foreign legion and especially the Dutchman that served in it. He is looking for information about the serving Officer in the legion with the name Johannes Coert. Johannes hold the rank of Sous Lieutenant and died in Tunesia on the 22nd of January 1943. His name is written on the Honor wall of the Legion. Together we found out that it must be Johannes Coert born on the 25th of November 1909 (more information at Johannes Coert 1829 – 1882). Frans Janssen in looking for someone of Johannes Coert’s family who will help him to provide more information about Johannes Coert.


[Last update: 01.07.2003]

  • From Carla Coert we received a lot of information (30 people) about the Dutch Tree. That is a special Tree. It is so called the “Leidse” Tree. Leiden is a city in The Netherlands. More information at Petrus Franciscus Coert [18?? – ????].
  • Herbert Floris Coert sent us information about INOG (Indische Na-Oorlogse Generatie). This is an organisation for people:
  • who are born after the 15th of August 1945
  • from which one or both parents went through the Japanese occupation
  • from which one or both parents endured the Post-War period (Bersiap) or the actions in former New Guinea
    • More information about this organisation at (it is a Dutch site).
    • We saw that one of the new members of INOG is P.T. Coert in The Netherlands. We cannot find her in the Tree.
    • In The Haque (The Netherlands) there is an interesting organisation called “Stichting Het Indisch Huis” ( ). It stands for The Indonesian House. This is a Dutch website. Their device is: “Remembrance, Transfer and Meeting”. Everybody is welcome. Indonesian people, but also people who are interested in Indonesia and Indonesian experience.
    • There is a new Photo added to the website. It is the ‘Engagement’ of Herbert Floris Coert and Hilda S. Sasse in 1941.
    • On this website there are almost 600 Coert Family members.


[Last update: 18.04.2003]

  • In May this website exists two years. Many thanks to everybody who helped us making this website succesfull.
  • Thanks to Shaun J. Coert a lot of detailed information has been added to the ‘South African’ tree of Charls Coert.
  • Jill Coert helped us with very interesting information about the ‘USA/Indonesian’ tree.
    • Dates and places where Wijnand Albert Coert [1907 – 1996] was born and died
    • Detailed information about Wynand Barry Coert
  • This website has been added to the search programm Altavista.
  • In March I followed a very interesting Workshop about “Genealogy on the Internet”.
    • At the Workshop this website has been added to the NGV website ( ). NGV is the “Nederlandse Genealogische Vereniging” (that is the Genealogy Society in The Netherlands with 12.000 members).
    • They also demonstrate how you can search on an Internet page. In the “Edit” menu you can find the function “Search/find on this page” or in Dutch in the “Bewerken” menu “Zoeken op deze pagina”.
    • I received information about interesting websites like:
  • [between 1892-1924 22 million passengers went to USA by boat; nine of our family]
  • [the furniture of people who died a long time ago]
  • [here you can see who is doing research about the Coert history]
  • [here you can find a lot of Coert’s travelled with VOC ships between 1700-1800]
  • From Germany Elmar Coert contacted us. We hope he will supply us more information about the Coert tree in Germany. He also told us that there is more information about the Coert Family on the ‘German’ Internet.


[Last update: 16.02.2003]

  • Thanks to Roel Coert we made an update on de details of Gerrit Coert [1860 – 1940].
  • We also received information from Merijn Coert (born in 1979) about the ‘Dutch tree’. His father is Peter Franciscus Coert. At this stage we cannot find a link with other parts. We hope that Merijn or his relatives can deliver us more detailed information. The information we have so far are published at:
    • Peter Fransiscus Coert […. – ….]
  • More details about Charls Coert form the ‘South African’ tree are now published (thanks to Shaun Coert).
  • From Norway (Oslo) we received interesting information from Willem Hendrik Coert about Johan Jacob Coert [1870 – 1922] and Willem Hendrik Coert [1896 – 1987] of the ‘Indonesian tree’.
  • Thanks to Henk Verbaarschott we added more detailed information to:
    • Johannes Coert [1737 – 1801]
    • Nicolaas Wilhelmus Coert [1811 – 1853]
  • We are working on a Newsletter to inform you about updates of this website.


[Last update: 25.12.2002]

  • Deeply sorrowful we inform you that on the 21st of December Marie Beijer-Mikkers [1913 – 2002] died in Den Helder (The Netherlands). For a long time she was the Nurse of Hilda Sasse [1917 – 1972]. Hilda S. Sasse was the wife of Herbert F. Coert. In the Coert Familiy Marie was called ‘aunt’ Madjie, because she became a member of the Family. It is possible to sign the Guest Book on this website.
  • You can read more information about the Company of Danny Coert on the website
  • We received more details from Shaun Jacobus Coert about the South African Tree (Charls Coert [1881 – 1957]).
  • Thanks to Henk Verbaarschott more detailed information about the Family of Joachim Frederik Coert [1786 – 1824] has been added under Johannes (Jan) Coert [1737 – 1801] and also more information about Johan Christiaan Willem Coert [1875 – 1920].
  • In 2003 we will make a start adding more detailed information about persons in the Dutch Tree.
  • This will be the last update in 2002, so we wish you all a Merry Christmas and a happy 2003 !!!


[Last update: 10.11.2002]

  • The information we received from Shaun Jacobus Coert is now available on this site in the South African Tree (Charls Coert [1881 – 1957]).
  • From Michael John Coert we received nice compliments about the website and a great documented family tree of his family (many thanks Michael !!!).
  • His tree is also available on this site under the South African Tree à John George Coert [1922 – 1979].


[Last update: 22.10.2002]

  • We received another reaction from South Africa. Shaun Coert provided us with information about his family. Soon this information will be available on the site. We will check if there is a connection with other ‘Coert Trees’ in South Africa, USA or The Netherlands.
  • The Family Tree, Photos and Badminton section is now available again on the website. We had to rename the url’s (addresses) from the old Internet Provider to the new one. Only the ‘History of the Coert family’ is not yet available.


[Last update: 19.09.2002]

  • Finally we are starting to get on-line again.
  • Sorry for the delay, but our provider removed us from the Internet, because they stopped hosting.
  • We now moved to the provider Tiscali.
  • Within a few weeks we hope that the complete website will be available on the Internet.


[Last update: 09.08.2002]

  • On the 18th of August there will be a big party in Amsterdam (The Netherlands), because Herbert Floris Coert (born in 1917) will be 85 years old !!!
  • You can congratulate him by signing the Guest Book on this website.
  • Daniel Stephen Coert sent us information about his family, but there is not yet a link with the available trees. We hope to receive more information from him soon.
  • We know now that Joachim F. Coert was born in 1786.
  • More information has been added about Johanna Catharina Coert [1896 – 1948]. Her wedding picture is now available in the Photos section.
  • Information about Roy James Coert has been added under the url Wijnand Johannes Coert [1847 – 1904]. Roy James Coert has done and is still doing a lot of research on the Coert Family history.
  • The natural mother of Johan Jacob Coert [1870-1922], son of Johan Christiaan Willem Coert [1838-1907], was Oey Toa Nio. She was a Javanese / Chinese woman.


[Last update: 25.07.2002]

  • Thanks to Gavin Lawson we know that there are 34 Coert’s mentioned in the Phonebook of Cape Town (South Africa).
  • From Martin Coert and Darin W. Coert we received more information about the Indonesian tree of the Coert Family. They are both living in California (USA).
  • The grandfather of Martin and Darin W. is Wynand Albert Coert.
  • You can find more information about them at this url Wijnand Johannes Coert [1847 – 1904]
  • For more than a month we are trying to get the maintenance of our Homepage (the first page) back from the company HetNet. This is the reason that the ‘Source’ information is shown on two pages. We will keep you informed.
  • If you have suggestions to make the website more interesting please let us know. We are still working on the issues:
    • Travel Reports
    • Mailing List (of all the Coert Family members, so that you can contact them)
    • Questions & Answers (to know more about the other Coert’s)


[Last update: 25.06.2002]

  • Please sign our “Guest Book” and leave a message about who you are, where you live, etc. Click on the button “Schrijf een nieuw bericht”.
  • In the ‘Indonesian’ section an interesting site about Bali,, has been added (many thanks to Martin Keulen). On that site you can find information about trips to Bali and to hire or buy houses, etc.
  • On the Internet we found information about Carol L. Coert (we mailed her), Robert Coert (South Africa) and Brent Coert.
  • At this URL you will see pictures of Robert Coert doing a very good job in South Africa, Sand River litter trap.html
  • The name of Brent Coert occurred in an article about Jennifer Lopez,


[Last update: 26.05.2002]

  • Thanks to Henk Verbaarschott for the historical Coert photo’s on (keyword: Coert)
  • We received an other reaction from South Africa. Michael Coert is very interested in helping us tracing the Coert history.
  • We hope someone can help us to find a better picture or more information about the Coert ‘Coat of Arms’ (familiewapen).
  • Before the 1st of June 2002 we have to move to another provider (xs4all). It’s possible the site will be reorganised soon.


[Last update: 23.04.2002]

  • We added a new section called ‘Photos’.
  • In this section we hope to collect and publish recent and historical photos from the Coert Family.
  • Thanks to Ronald H. Coert we added the first photo of the Indonesian Tree. Photo was made in Amsterdam (Holland).


[Last update: 11.03.2002]

  • Thanks to Hans “Mr. Johan Hendrik” Coert we now know that the Coert Family have a ‘Coat of Arms’ (Familiewapen). At the menu page you will find a first drawing attempt of this. As soon as possible we will try to get and publish a better picture.


[Last update: 19.02.2002]


[Last update: 25.01.2002]

  • From the ‘South African Tree’ we received a reaction from Edward Coert, the father of Claudette Coert. He will help us to collect more information.
  • Hans “Mr. Johan Hendrik” Coert contacted us, and supplied us with some details of the ‘Dutch Tree’.
  • We also received an e-mail from Germany. Thorsten Ostriga sent us information about Dietrich Heinrich Coert, but we cannot find a link to one of our known ‘Trees’. Dietrich Heinrich Coert married to Diederina Janna Wilhelmine Christina Hahne on the 27.11.1830 in Asseln (Dortmund).
  • The “Story of Johannes (Jan) Coert (1737 – 1801) the ancestor of the Indo-European Family” is now available on the website. Narrated and research by Roy J. Coert, December 2001 (many thanks!!!).
    • Soon Roy J. Coert will send us some pictures of Fort Vredenburg and Pabrik Gula Kedawung.
  • Thanks to Piet Kock a lot of information has been added in the Karel N. Coert [1896 – 1931] section of the ‘Indonesian Tree’.
  • The list of Coert’s in the section “Relation?” has been reduced after we received information about those people.


[Last update: 25.12.2001]

  • The ‘South African Tree’ has been added. Thanks to Claudette Coert. We hope to receive more information soon.
  • We received two more reactions. The first was from Roel Coert.
  • The second was form his cousin Dick Coert. Dick has collected a lot of information about the Dutch Tree.


[Last update: 18.11.2001]

  • The November month is an interesting month. Two persons contacted us with a very enthousiastic reactions on the website.
  • First there was a reaction from the ‘Indonesian part’ of the Coert family. Piet Kock, married to Alexandra R. Coert [born in 1961], sent us additional information of the Karel N. Coert [1896-1931] This information will be updated soon.
  • And second there was the e-mail from Claudette Coert. She is living in South Africa. From this part we didn’t have any information. Claudette already provide us with some information, but she will help us finding the link to the South African tree. She also find out that the Genealogy of the Coert familiy started arround 1700. More information about this soon.


[Last update: 20.10.2001]

  • On the Genealogy page a lot of ‘Links to Genealogy sites’ have been added.
  • Bram Dagevos contacted us. His grandfather was Petrus Johannes Dagevos [1871 – 1921]. Petrus Johannes Dagevos was the second husband of Suzanne Florentina Coert [1883 – 1957]. Soon he will give us more information about his family tree.
  • Herbert Floris ‘Nono’ Coert know looked at our website. He was very enthousiastic about the site and gave us additional information about a few Coert’s.
  • In the Dutch Tree information about Johan Hendrik Coert [1812 – 1891] has been added.


[Last update: 10.09.2001]

  • This site is now available at the following websites:


[Last update: 17.08.2001]

  • This website can now easily been found with the search programm nl.
  • You can find our site at The Genealogy Home Page . Our site has been added 14th or 15th of August.
  • Soon you can find our site at Stamboompagina
  • Henk Verbaarschott contacted us about the Family Coert History. He already contacted Roy James Coert, but also Dick Coert.
  • The sister of the grandfather of Henk Verbaarschott, Maria Antonia de Serière, was married to Johan Christiaan Willem Gerrit Coert [1875 – 1920].
  • Dick Coert has done a lot off research about the ‘Dutch Tree’ of the Coert Family.
  • The information of the ‘Dutch Tree’ will soon be available on this site. The first part of that ‘Dutch tree’ was already available on this site (look at Johann Heinrich )


[Last update: 10.08.2001]

  • This website can now also easily been found with the search programms Yahoo, Ilse, Hotbot, Lycos and Masterlinks.
  • We also registered our site by the search programms nl and
  • You can find our site at Homepages Indische Stambomen . This is a site with many Indonesian Family Trees / Genealogy.
  • Soon you can find our site at Dutch Home Pages by Familyname
  • In the Family Tree the following information is now available. The additional information about the last three will be published a.s.a.p.
  • Johan Christiaan Willem Coert [1838 – 1907]
  • Johan Jacob Coert [1870 –1922]
  • Henry Edwin Coert [1841 – 1906]
  • Karel Nicolaas Coert [1896 – ….]
  • Victor Oscar Coert [1898 –1924]


[Last update: 03.08.2001]

  • In the Family Tree the information about Charles Arthur Coert [1845 – 1918] is now available.
  • Our website can now easily been found with the search programm ‘Google’ .
  • We received a reaction from Vera Coert. She will provide us with information of her family a.s.a.p.
  • We also received a reaction from Roy James Coert. He is the son of James Coert and the grandson of Karel Coert. For 15 years Roy James is working on collecting information about the Coert Family History.
  • In those 15 years he searched through family archives in The Netherlands, Indonesia and South Africa.
  • He started his ‘investigation’ after receiving a copy of the Genealogy of the Coert Family from Herbert Floris ‘Nono’ Coert.
  • Roy James informed us that some names and dates are not correct. He thinks that this has been done on purpose to hide information in that time.
  • On privacy reasons Roy James promised the people he received information from to keep some information strictly confidential.
  • We hope that he will share other information about the Coert Family History with us soon.
  • He discovered the following Coert ‘Trees’:
  • German/Pijnacker tree (Cords from Cappeln)
  • Holland/Rotterdam tree (started arround the year 1600)
  • Holland/Utrecht tree (started in 1749)
  • South African tree (arround 1780)
  • Indonesian tree (Johannes Coert tree)


[Last update: 15.07.2001]

  • Through the Internet Jill Aginn contacted us and provided us with a lot of interesting information about the Coert Family Tree. This information is already available on this site!!! With her information we found out that her family are descendants of Wijnand Johannes Coert [1847 – 1904]. Jill’s husband is Wynand Earl Robin Coert. He is the first member of his family born in USA. She will provide us soon with more information. Thanks for the information Jill!!!
  • In the Family Tree the information about Karel Nicolaas Coert [before 1820 – 1874] is now available.
  • We also received a reaction of Roy Benjamin Coert. He is the son of Roy J. Coert. Soon they will provide us with more information about there family.


[Last update: 09.07.2001]

  • After reading the ‘History of the Coert Family’ and finding more information on the Internet, some major changes and been made in the Family Tree.
  • First we thought that the Coert History started in the year 1738, the year Johannes Coert was born. But in 1700 Johann Cords in Levings Leibzucht was born. In the old spelling/orthography it was Cords instead of Coert.
  • Johann Cords had three sons. It is still unclear who the parents of Johannes Coert were.
  • Thanks to Martin Keulen (husband of Grace Coert) we contacted Aloysius Joannes ‘John’ Coert through the Internet. He is the son of Frederik Charles Coert and Irma Maria Marinussen. As soon as possible he will provide us with more information of his Family History.
  • With the CD-Phone we found out that on about 80 addresses people with the surname Coert are living in Holland. We already contacted Roy Benjamin Coert en Roy J. Coert. We hope to hear from them soon.
  • We also found a lot of people with the surname Coert, but we do not know to whom they are related to. Who are their parents and children? We made a new section with the name ‘Relation?’. We hope that you can help us finding the connection!!! In that section you will also find a picture of Johanna Catherina Coert (1896-1948).


[Last update: 29.06.2001]

  • In the tree you will find information about Nicolaas Wilhelmus Coert [1811 – 1853] and Raymond Coert [1888 – 1964].
  • A lot of extra information has been added to the ‘Tree section’ of Johannes Coert. You can click on a name (= bookmark) and you will find additional information of that person. With the button [Return] you will go back to the top of the page.
  • On some computers or locations it can take some time to load the information on the ‘History of the Coert family’ pages. All the pages of the Microfilm are now published!!!
  • is a site where you can find information about ‘Indisch gebaar’. This is a foundation who wants to help victims of war that lived there during the Japanese occupation. The gouvernment garantees 3.000 Dutch guilders per person. This is also for people who emigrated in and after that period (March 8th 1942 – August 15th 1945).
  • A lot off interesting links have been added to the Indonesia section. Please read the interesting interview with Tante Lien. Other interesting links are about Travel reports, Indonesian language and History.


[Last update: 20.06.2001]

  • A Badminton page has been added in de Indonesia section with information and pictures of Dion and Oriana (son and daughter of Martin Keulen and Grace Coert). Also links to several Badminton websites.
  • Information of one of the Indonesian products ‘Batik’ has been added.
  • The Links page now consists about over the 50 links. Check the David Letterman Top Ten page. There is for example the Top Ten List ‘How Saddam Hoessein can change to a popular guy’.
  • This week we received feedback from Helan vd Veldt and Edward Crain (thanks for the Links).
  • With Altavista you can find our Homepage, but it is not the first page you will find. We hope that we can change this, so ‘Coert’ families from other ‘trees’ can find us.
  • All the pages of the Microfilm about the Coert History are now available. Many thanks to Simon (Actix).


[Last update: 14.06.2001]

  • In the Family Tree information of Richard Eduard Coert has been added and the pages of Ronald H. Coert and Raymond A. Coert have been updated.
  • In the Family Tree it is now possible to click on the persons in Bold to:
  • go back to the Parents page
  • go forward to their family page (wife, husband, children, information, etc.)
    • Two pages of this microfilm ‘History of the Coert family [1756 – 1963]’ are now available on this website. The information on the microfilm is in Dutch.
    • is now registered by the search engines Altavista, Ilse and Lycos. Within a few days you can find this website with these search tools.
    • We received already feedback from Grace, Martin (thanks for the Badminton pictures), Jacques, Roger, but also from the USA. Liz and Babs sent us information to complete the Richard Eduard ‘tree’.