Coert Family History and Genealogy

The purpose of this website is to collect worldwide information about the Coert Family history (familie geschiedenis), Genealogy (genealogie) and Family Trees (stamboomonderzoek). At this stage we know that there are several Coert Trees in Trouwfoto 1941 opa NonoIndonesia, The Netherlands, Germany, USA and South Africa.

The German/ Dutch family tree started the year that Johann Cords was born in Westcappeln (1700). The Indonesian family tree started in 1737. In that year Johannes Coert was born in Schotmar. But recently we found more family rees in Germany and in The Netherlands (started in the 17th Century).

On this website you will find nearly 600 Coert Family members. We hope to find Coert’s all over the world. This is the website for the whole Coert Family. Please help us to make this site a success by contacting us or providing information.


    • Hello Andrea Leigh,
      Did you find your tree on the website?
      I’ve got more information but i’m building up this new site, because the old site was technical not good anymore.
      Who are your parents, grand-parents etc so that I maybe can help you?
      Kind regards Glenn Coert

    • Hi Shaun,
      I’ve got that information, but i’m building up a new website. The old one was too old and has to be reniewed. Soon the information about Charles Coert will be published.
      Kind regards, Glenn Coert

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