Coert Family Tree (Last modified: 05 May 2009)










Tekstvak: Cornelia
1870 - 1872
Tekstvak: Arendina J.
1871 - 1871
Tekstvak: Dingena C. 
1866 - ????
Tekstvak: Hendrik Jan
1869 - 1958
Tekstvak: Anthony
1872 - ????
Tekstvak: Cornelia
1874 - ????
Tekstvak: Arendina J.
1877 - ????
Tekstvak: Johannes H.
1878 - 1962














































Johannes H. Coert [1878 – 1962]

Mr. Johannes H. Coert was born in Goedereede on the 16th of June 1878 and died in Rotterdam on the 17th of December 1962. On the 18th of November 1900 he became a Doctor in “Science of the law” in Leiden. In 1901 he moved to Rotterdam. In September 1903 he became an Advocate and a Public Prosecutor. On the 16th of July 1903 in Leiden he married Sara Maria Catalijna Jongeneel, born on the 31st of May 1878. She was the daughter of Ds. Jacob Jongeneel and Maria Henriette Koopman. Together with mr. Johannes Coert [1906-1971] he helped the Thyssen family (of the Thyssenbank) to het their capital back from the Russians, who were at that moment just after the war as allied forces ruling the east part of Germany.  Part of these valuables belonged to the Queen of The Netherlands. Since it was in fact illegal to do so because the Russians were not willing to give it back it came out many years later. This story was published in the Dutch newspaper NRC. 


Johannes Coert [1906 – 1971]

Johannes was born in Rotterdam (The Netherlands) on the 2nd of April 1906 and died in Hierden the 22nd August 1971. On the 29th of March 1943 he married in Rotterdam Catherina Cornelia Zijlker. She was born in The Hague on the 1st of January 1917. They had 4 children: Johan Hendrik, Dietje Jacoba, “Sarah” Maria Elisabeth and Titia Henriette Cornelia. Johannes was a cavalier and liaison officer in the Dutch army just after the 2nd World War in occupied Germany. By order of Prins Bernard he must take the capital of the Dutch Royal House out of the Russian zone.


Johannes Coert [1909 – 1943]

He was born in Gorssel (The Netherlands) on the 25th of November 1909. On the 8th of March 1937 he married Digma Cornelia Lodder. She was born in Rotterdam on the 12th of February 1911. Digma was the daughter of Mr Dimmen Lodder and Cornelia Coert. Johannes and Digma were full nephew and niece. They had no children. Johannes was a serving Officer in the French foreign legion. Johannes hold the rank of Sous Lieutenant and died in Tunesia (during or after a big German attack of the dessert Army of Field-Marshall Rommel) on the 22nd of January 1943. His name is written on the Honor wall of the Legion. More information with his photo on .