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Johan Jacob Coert [1870 – 1922]

He was born on the 4th of December 1870 in Tangerang and died in Kederi on the 24th of May 1922. He worked at the Resident of Kediri. In Weltevreden he married on the 29th of June 1895 Aleida Anna Elisabeth Volten. She was born in Delft (Holland) on the 16th of August 1875 and died in The Hague on the 10th of June 1948. The had two children: Mr. Willem Hendrik and Johanna Maria.


Johanna Maria Coert [1897 – 1984]

Johanna Maria “tante Marie” was born in Batavia on the 25th of May 1897, died in Haarlem on the 3rd March in 1984, married Willem Henri van Drunen Littel on the 26th of April in 1921 in Kediri. Johanna Maria was a teacher. She teached the Dutch language and she loved children. W.H. van Drunen Littel (the son of Willem Diederik van Drunen Littel) was born on the 11th of December 1890 in Palembang, South of Sumatra, and died in Bloemendaal, Holland, on the 18th of July 1978. They had one son Willem Johan. He was born in Kederi on the 23rd of February 1922 and died in Haarlem on the 11th of October 1980. After the birth of Willem Johan, Johanna Maria couldn’t have anymore children. More information about the Van Drunen Littel Family on the website (click on the tree “Willem”).



Mr. Willem Hendrik Coert [1896 – 1987]

He “oom Wim” was born in Batavia on March 22 in 1896 and died in Assen (The Netherlands) on the 7th of January 1987. In the War he stayed for a longtime in Japanese camps.He first married to Kitty Agnes van der Valk in The Hague on the 28th of August 1917. She was born in Banjoewangi on the 2nd of September 1898 and died on the 28th of February 1959. She was the daughter of Johan Willem and Louisa Antonia Mansveld. They had two children: Johan Willem and Inke Margarethe (was married to Koos Singeling; died in 1996 in Delft). Willlem Hendrik married then to G.D. “Sientje” Groeneveld in Dover (UK) on the 22nd of October 1959. Sientje died in 1984.



Johan Willem Coert [1918 – 1994]

He was born in Poerbolinggo (Banjoemas) on 7th of June 1918 and died in Rotterdam (The Netherlands) in 1994.



Willem Hendrik Coert [1951 – ….]

He was born in Dordrecht in 1951. Lived for a long time in Rotterdam, one year in Haren and emigrated in 1982 to Norway (Stavanger, Oslo). He is working in the Oil branch. Willem Hendrik married Nina and they have three children Bodil, Eline en Johan Willem.